Los Angeles Hit and Run Truck Accidents

Each year, millions of big rig trucks and trailers traverse our US highways, generally ranging in weight from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds. They are responsible for the transport of a large percent of the American economy and are essential for the distribution of goods and services across the country. On the whole, trucking companies greatly value the safety and integrity of their drivers and equipment, yet thousands of people are killed each year as a result of a collision with large commercial trucks. Given their immense size and mass, fatalities are common and for those victims that survive a crash, they are often left with significant physical, property and financial damage as a result.

Causes for Hit and Run Truck Accidents

In the heat of the moment when an accident occurs, it is a common occurrence for the involved party to flee the scene of the accident. In a panic, good people sometimes make the wrong decisions by ignoring their liability and driving away from an accident in which they may be held liable. They may be driven by a fear of losing their job, loss of income or legal repercussions such as large fines or even incarceration. By law, if a truck or vehicle is involved in an accident, they are required to remain on-sight and to alert law enforcement immediately. In the case of a medical emergency, contacting emergency medical services is also essential to ensure the proper care of injured parties. Sadly, many collisions between motorists and commercial rigs are classified as Hit-and-Run. As required by California State law, the driver of a commercial truck is required to remain at the scene of the accident to render aid to a victim and to call for law enforcement and emergency medical services. This is the responsible thing to do and it is the law, yet is not always the choice that involved parties make.

Reasons why a Truck Driver may flee the Scene of an Accident

There are numerous reasons that contribute to a truck driver choosing to flee the scene of an accident. These reasons may include:

  • Unlicensed Driver: An unlicensed driver involved in a hit and run accident carries immense penalties, such as large fines and the possibility of incarceration.
  • Illegally Driving: If a driver is operating a large truck and trailer illegally, such as in the case of an illegal immigrant, their fear of deportation or further legal repercussions for possibly violating parole may override their best judgment and cause them to act irresponsibly.
  • Outstanding Citations: When the operator of a large commercial truck and trailer is involved in an accident and they already hold outstanding citations, they extreme legal repercussions that motivate them to flee the scene of the crime to avoid further punishment and potential incarceration.
  • Uninsured Driver: Operators of large truck and trailer rigs driving without personal or commercial insurance face massive penalties when involved in a serious accident. Their decision to flee the scene of the crime is based on the repercussions they fear they will suffer that may range from large fines to possible jail time.

If you or someone you love have been involved in a hit and run accident with a truck, seek legal representation immediately. Critical information to build your case includes, if possible, the license plate number of the truck, state of origin, photo of truck and/or damage to vehicle and contact information from any witnesses. This information will be extremely important in establishing a solid case and to ensure compensation for damages suffered.


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