Los Angeles Overloaded Truck Accidents

An overloaded truck is a dangerous situation waiting to happen. Besides speeding, driver fatigue and insufficient driver training, an overloaded truck is perhaps the most common cause of commercial truck accidents. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) federal regulations, large trucks have an acceptable weight of 20,000 pounds per axle with a total of 80,000 pounds for a four-axle truck. Some trucking companies and operators push the limits of their equipment, overloading their trailers with cargo in an effort to deliver more goods in a timely manner, which generates them more income per delivery. Knowing that doing so renders their trucks unsafe and compromises the integrity of their equipment, many truck operators choose to overload their trucks anyway.

Commercial Trucking Company and Operator Responsibility

Commercial trucking companies and truck operators are directly responsible for maintaining accurate weight limits and that cargo is loaded in such a way that there is even distribution. Insufficient loading and weight distribution of cargo can allow contents to shift while the truck is moving, which causes roll over or jackknifing. With heavy machines overloaded beyond the regulated 80,000 pounds traveling at high speeds down our state and federal highways, it is no surprise that truck accidents occur. Such accidents may involve other motorists and can cause serious accidents that result in major property damage and bodily harm to victims involved. In some cases, wrongful death fatalities may also occur.

Hazards Related to Overloaded Trucks

Excessively overweighted trucks can also contribute to brake and tire failure and the destruction of our public highways. Trucking companies and drivers who choose to overload their trailers are violating federal law in an effort to increase their profits by delivering more cargo per load. An overloaded truck is incredibly dangerous and may be responsible for the following hazards:

  • Difficulty Stopping (overloaded trucks can take up to 300 yards to come to a full stop, taking out anything in their path)
  • The heavier the truck, the more momentum it gains and the more severe the injuries sustained from a collision.
  • Overloading a truck puts extra strain on brakes, tires and overall mechanics.
  • The heavier the truck, the more damage is sustained to our highways each year, which costs taxpayers millions of dollars.
  • Debris from a tire blowout or crash causes hazardous material to be scattered across the highway, creating unsafe driving conditions for other motorists and motorcycles.

If you or someone you love have been involved in a truck related accident involving an overloaded trailer, seek legal representation immediately. Having a skilled attorney on your side will be extremely important in establishing a solid case and to ensure compensation for damages suffered.


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