Los Angeles Runaway Trailer Accidents

In the instance where a trailer becomes disconnected from the tractor cab pulling it, you may find yourself the victim of a collision with a runaway trailer. In this situation, the trailer is incredibly dangerous – not unlike a missile, skidding and rolling out of control and endangering anyone or anything in its path. Equipment malfunction is often to blame for runaway trailer incidents and regular inspection by truck operators and commercial trucking mechanics is one of the only ways to prevent such accidents. Runaway trailer incidents often involve multiple drivers and result in severe injuries, possibly even death. Commercial trucking companies and drivers have an immense responsibility to ensure the safety of their trucks and trailers and to meet state and federal safety regulations pertaining to tractors and trailers. When they forgo essential inspections that may indicate mechanical failures before they happen, they put the general public in significant danger. In some cases, a runaway trailer accident may be the result of a product failure on behalf of the truck manufacturer, in which case they would be liable for the effects of the accident as a result of their defective part or equipment.

 Trailer Hitch Damage Due to Severe Weather or Road Conditions

Trailers may become disconnected as a result of damage to the hitch or from severe weather and road conditions such as large potholes, rocks, unstable road surfaces and debris in the roadway. Operator error is often to blame, where a driver fails to properly connect the truck and trailer together. In this situation, the truck and trailer are insufficiently attached and the heavily loaded trailer is not sufficiently connected to the truck hub. It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure the integrity of their rig, and such accidents put driver and trucking company to blame for resultant injuries and property damage.

 Insufficient Equipment and Lighting

Cargo trailers may have insufficient breakaway chains or cables and broken or missing lights for proper signaling and illumination. In some cases, collisions with runaway or improperly attached trailers may result from inadequate illumination and signal lighting. Runaway Trucks and Trailers may result from brake failure, often when descending a steep downhill stretch where the brakes cannot handle the increasing momentum. In these situations, the weight of the cargo and the velocity at which the truck is traveling surpasses the stopping ability of the truck, often causing a jackknife effect where the trailer spins out of control and may even become disconnected. These scenarios are incredibly dangerous, especially on busy state and federal highways or in areas with dangerous driving conditions such as high elevation mountain roads. If you or someone you love have been involved in a truck related accident, seek legal representation immediately. Having a skilled attorney on your side will be extremely important in establishing a solid case and to ensure compensation for damages suffered.


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