Los Angeles Truck Accident Wrongful Death

No amount of financial compensation can bring back a loved one, and in the aftermath of your loss, the last thing you want to do is go to battle with insurance companies and defense lawyers. Your family may be left with an exhaustive financial burden that leaves you in a state of despair stretching beyond your profound loss.

Following the wrongful death of a loved one as a result of a truck-related accident, it is critical that you align yourself with a skilled attorney who can support you in building a solid case. This is a time sensitive situation where evidence is fragile and windows for court deadlines are brief.

Emotional, Psychological and Financial Impacts

Besides the emotional and psychological devastation associated with the loss of a loved one from a truck-related accident, the monetary repercussions can be equally tragic. Whether referring to medical expenses, funerary costs, the loss of earned income or the loss of companionship, a wrongful death case has many avenues for just compensation.

Understanding How to Deal with Insurance Companies

In some cases, insurance companies will do their best to avoid paying valid claims, looking out for themselves and avoiding responsibility and liability at all cost. Having a skilled attorney on your side that can ascertain the liable party in the accident is essential and our attorneys are highly skilled in developing successful cases involving truck related wrongful death accidents. With careful analysis of evidence, witness testimonials, police reports, medical records and the expert recreation of accident scenes, our attorneys will piece together a viable case for your to seek just compensation for your property, bodily and emotional damages suffered.

Causes of Truck Related Wrongful Death Accidents

There are many factors that may contribute to a truck related wrongful death accident. Such accidents may be the result of the following:

  • Maintenance Negligence: This occurs when a trucking company or driver fails to adequately maintain equipment and perform routine inspections. Without proper inspections, equipment can fall into disrepair and go unnoticed, causing dangerous situations on the highway.
  • Overloading Cargo: May create an unstable load that is more prone to roll over accidents
  • Excessive Speed: Lessens a driver’s reaction time to respond to road hazards and other drivers
  • Reckless and Aggressive Driving: While operating a large truck and trailer is unsafe for the driver and other motorists based on the sheer size and mass of the rig.
  • Equipment Malfunction: May cause the truck to become unstable, removing the integrity of its foundation and functionality.
  • Driving Under the Influence of an Illegal Substance: Is highly illegal and responsible for the severe impairment of judgment and ability to safely operate machinery.
  • Poor Driving Conditions such as a Snow and Ice: May cause large truck and trailer rigs to slide out of control, careening off of embankments or into other vehicles.
  • Driver Fatigue: Creates a volatile situation when you combine drowsiness and nodding off at the wheel in a massive piece of machinery traveling at high speeds
  • Impaired Vision from Night Driving: Makes it difficult for drivers to recognize potential road hazards and conditions.
  • Overloaded Trucks: Brake Failure: Makes it difficult or impossible to slow a heavy load safely, potentially resulting in a serious accident.
  • Inexperienced Drivers: May result in a collision based on a new truck operator’s lack of exposure to driving hazards when a commercial company does not take the time to sufficiently train and educate them to uphold the highest safety measures on the road.
  • Failure to Follow Posted Traffic Signage: Creates dangerous driving situations such as ignoring “one way” indications that may result in collisions with oncoming traffic.
  • Insufficient Driver Training: May result in a collision based on a new truck operator’s lack of exposure to driving hazards when a commercial company does not take the time to sufficiently train and educate them to uphold the highest safety measures on the road.
  • Defective or Damaged Equipment: May result in a malfunctioning of the truck and trailer, such as a tire blow out that can cause a truck to roll over based on it being rendered unstable.


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