San Diego Truck Accident Claims Process

There is nothing easy about maneuvering the legal process to seek compensation for a truck related injury accident. With endless paperwork and hoops to jump through coupled with the fact that insurance agencies and commercial trucking companies are quick to minimize payout for damages suffered or to admit liability, you have yourself quite an uphill battle. The importance of aligning yourself with an attorney who has experience in dealing with truck accident litigation as well as California specific laws will be a great asset and the attorneys at the San Diego Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich will do just that.


The Impact of a Truck Related Accident

Being involved in a truck accident can be devastating to you and your family. It can result in serious bodily harm and financial distress. Ongoing medical bills can be crippling, as can a victim’s lack of income due to an inability to work. In some severe cases, a truck related accident may result in a fatality, which sadly, leaves loved ones with the heavy burden of paying past due medical bills and covering funerary expenses. Following a truck related accident, victims benefit greatly from the guidance of a reliable personal injury attorney skilled in the specifics of California truck accident law.


Compensation for Truck Accident Related Injuries

Medical expenses as a result of an accident involving a large commercial truck can be exorbitant, and loss of wages and a sense of wellbeing and livelihood can alter the entire dynamic of your family and overall quality of life. When you or someone you love has suffered injuries as a result of a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the following damages:

  • Payment for current and ongoing medical expenses
  • Payment for emotional and psychological distress
  • Payment for loss of wages and income earning ability
  • Payment for pain and suffering


Extensive Research for Building a Solid Case

At the San Diego Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich, our attorneys will research the elements of your case thoroughly to have a clear understanding of your accident. By interviewing witnesses and reviewing testimonials, as well as analysis of police, accident and medical records, our attorneys will piece together a solid defense case on your behalf. Careful reconstruction of the accident scene and analysis of truck and automobile damage is an essential part of building a successful truck accident case. In some scenarios, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance does not adequately cover the extent of damages suffered. In this case, our attorneys will assist you in seeking compensation from insurance and trucking companies to make sure your medical expenses are covered.


Contact a San Diego Truck Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been injured in a truck related accident, you may be focused entirely on recovery and the last thing you need is to deal with the logistics of a lawsuit. You need a representative who will battle on your behalf to obtain just compensation for damages and injuries suffered. With over 12 years of experience in dealing with personal injury law and truck related accidents across California and San Diego County, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich are here to support you. Give us a call today for a free consultation at (323) 947-2224.