Jackknifed Truck Causes Major Traffic Delays Early on Monday morning, the morning commuters had a heck of a time trying to travel the Southbound out of Escondido on Interstate 15. Commuters were faced with some serious delays after a big rig that was filled with cookie dough had jackknifed near State Route 56 interchange. The […]

Deputy Gets Hit on Fourth of July According to the police, On the fourth of July, a forty-two year old man was arrested after he allegedly hit a deputy with his truck on a residential street in the Fillmore area. According to the news release from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, A resident from Fillmore, […]

Investigators Searching for Radiation Leak Cause On June 26th Officials have started investigating a mysterious radiation leak that has came from the Government’s underground nuclear waste dump. The investigators have now turned their focus onto the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The U.S. Department of Energy’s accident investigation team have been investigating the lab in Northeaster […]

Early Morning Monday Big Rig Crash Creates Traffic Mess Early Morning commuters had a heck of a time trying to make it to work on Monday, June 2, 2014. A crash that ended up having a big rig jackknifed on the south Interstate 15 left the traveling conditions pretty awful if you were in a […]

Mother Killed in a Crosswalk by Semi Truck On a Tuesday morning, a semi truck hit and killed a mother and injured her nine year old daughter. The nine year old had to be hospitalized. This was after the pair was walking in a crosswalk that morning. The collision happened just before eight in the […]

Cement Truck Overturns Hitting Multiple Vehicles On a Friday morning things did not start off too well for a cement truck driver. That morning a cement truck had lost control and then overturned. Just two months ago a veteran officer was killed on the exact street after his police car had collided with an out […]

Nine People Dead and Multiple Injured in FedEx Truck Collision Nine people were sadly killed and dozens more were injured in a collision that involved a FedEx truck and a charter bus. The charter bus was carrying high school students from Southern California. The collision happened on Interstate 5 North of Highway 32. This was […]

Fiery Tanker Truck Crash Closes All Lanes On July 13, 2013 travelers had a bit of trouble getting to their destinations on that Saturday. A fiery tanker truck had crashed and forced the closure of all the northbound lanes of the 5 at the transition to the 2. There were also some closings of the […]

Dump Truck Driver Get Slammed into Local Business On Sunday, June 8th a hit and run driver slammed a dump truck into a Florence area business. The California Highway Patrol Officers are now looking for the hit and run driver. At twelve:fifty-one in the morning, the hit and run driver crashed into the La Fuente […]

Pick-Up Truck Driver Kills 81 Year Old Pedestrian Today, on Friday the 13th it ended up being a not so lucky day for an 81 year old pedestrian. According to the police, Today a driver of a pick-up truck killed a pedestrian in the Corona del Mar area. The driver has been arrested on suspicion […]