Cement Truck Loses Control and Overturns

Cement Truck Overturns Hitting Multiple Vehicles

On a Friday morning things did not start off too well for a cement truck driver. That morning a cement truck had lost control and then overturned. Just two months ago a veteran officer was killed on the exact street after his police car had collided with an out of control dump truck.

According to Lt. Hill of the Beverly Hills Police Department, the cement truck had turned over just after eleven in the morning. The accident happened in the 1100 block of Loma Vista Drive. The cement truck had hit several parked vehicles before it came to a stop on its side.

The aerial video showed that at the least, three cars were damaged.

The Aerial Video Showed The Cement Truck’s Damage

A white truck was extensively damaged, with large pieces of debris from the vehicle littered on the street all around it.

The driver of the truck, who has yet to be identified, was taken to the local hospital for his serious condition. Luckily, no other injuries were reported. However, the video also showed that several other vehicles were damaged from the collision.

Loma Vista Drive was closed on Friday afternoon, however it was reopened by five that evening.

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