Four People Killed in Truck Cargo Accident

Truck Cargo Spill Causes a Crash

On May 24th four passengers were killed after their bus hit a load of metal pips which was scattered across a dark highway.

Just moments before the crash, the pipes had fell from a flatbed truck that had been jackknifed after it drifted into a dirt median. This one on Interstate 10, which is the main road that links Southern California to Arizona.

According to the police officials, after the bus had hit the pipes it had slid down an embankment and then overturned. At least seven people were injured and four people died.

The crash happened around 2:15 in the morning near the Arizona border. The truck‘s cargo spilled out and obstructed both lanes in all directions. The truck was hauling dozens of pipes. The Interstate was shut down until around 6 on Wednesday evening.

The bus was hauling thirty-three passengers. They were almost three quarters of the way through their 800 mile trip. Seven were severely injured and 14 other people sought treatment for minor injuries. Both drivers remained unharmed.

According to California Highway Patrol Lt. Cmdr. Gustavo Guzman, the driver had tried to pass the slower vehicles in the area, which had a 70 mph speed limit. The driver then drifted onto the dirt shoulder and then lost control. The driver’s name has not been released at this time.

Since the interstate has no lights and the moon was only a half moon, drivers had a lot of difficult seeing the pipes. That is until they were in range of the vehicle headlights.

Loose Pipes From The Truck Causes Accidents

Just a few short moments later, two of the eastbound passenger vehicles hit the pipes. Luckily no one was hurt. About a minuted after that though is when the bus came through.

The Truck had a Great Safety Record

The truck was operated by VG Transport and based in Rialto, east of Los Angeles. According to federal safety records, VG Transport has not been involved in any crashes reported to state officials over the past two years. Those records say the company has only one truck.

The truck passed three inspections over the past two years. After one of the inspections, a driver was not allowed to finish the trip for reasons that were not immediately clear.