Man Trapped Inside Burning Big Rig Truck

Truck Crash Traps A Man Inside Burning Big Rig

On early Tuesday, a man was tragically trapped and killed inside of a burning big rig. The big rig slammed into another truck while it was traveling along the northbound Interstate 5.

According to the California Highway Patrol officers and the Caltrans crews, they worked for hours to get the lanes all cleared of debris so they could get the lanes reopened to traffic.

The two trucks collided near the La Costa Avenue area. This happened a little before one in the morning. The cab of one of the trucks exploded and ended up killing the driver.

The man’s big rig overturned on its side which caused his entire load of produce to be spilled onto several lanes of the interstate.

The California Highway Patrol stated that the mans body was so badly burned that his body and the cab was burned beyond recognition.

The Big Rig Truck Crash has Survivors

Luckily, the thirty-three year old man from Tijuana survived the crash and was not injured. The man was delivering a shipment of produce to Los Angeles.

California Highway Patrol are still investigating the crash. During clean up  of the wreckage and spilled shipment traffic was diverted off Interstate 5. Luckily for the other vehicles, all traffic was moving again after one o’clock in the afternoon.