Mother Killed and Child Injured in Crosswalk Collision

Mother Killed in a Crosswalk by Semi Truck

On a Tuesday morning, a semi truck hit and killed a mother and injured her nine year old daughter. The nine year old had to be hospitalized. This was after the pair was walking in a crosswalk that morning.

The collision happened just before eight in the morning at the 1300 block of North Bronson Avenue.

The incident was described as “really sad”.

The driver of the semi truck had passed a sobriety test. The man was not taken into custody.

The semi truck had been carrying a small load of concrete at the time of the accident. The truck was owned by “Banning- based Bowman’s Trucking”. The investigator stated that the truck did not seem to have any mechanical issues.

Spokesman for the Truck Company involved in the Crosswalk Collision

Our hearts go out to the family. We are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.We feel absolutely horrible about the situation.

The collision happened just a few moments before eight o’clock in the morning. The location was in the 1300 block of North Bronson Avenue at Fountain Avenue which is in front of the Joseph Le Conte Junior High School.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a mother and her nine year old girl were hit by a semi truck.

The accident happened at a pedestrian crosswalk in front of the school. This is where the semi truck was heading southbound on Bronson Avenue.

The mother and daughter were immediately transported to the hospital and them mother died. Luckily the daughter was in stable condition.

The intersection is extremely busy in the mornings. The driver was interview by the investigating officers and he passed a sobriety test.

The truck was carrying a small load of concrete at the time and was owned by Banning-based Bowman’s Trucking. The truck did not seem to have any mechanical issues.

The owner of the company responded to the scene. The driver of the truck was an “excellent driver” and seemed very emotional about the crash.

The middle school had counselors come out to the school to try to help anyone that might need it.

According to Bruce Gillman of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, there were no crossing guards assigned to the crosswalk where the collision happened. That is also a heavily trafficked area by pedestrians and motorists that try to avoid traffic from the boulevards.

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