Truck Driver Killed 81 Year Old Pedestrian

Pick-Up Truck Driver Kills 81 Year Old Pedestrian

Today, on Friday the 13th it ended up being a not so lucky day for an 81 year old pedestrian. According to the police, Today a driver of a pick-up truck killed a pedestrian in the Corona del Mar area. The driver has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The police have arrested twenty-three year old, Robert John Greaney. Robert is from the Costa Mesa area. He has been arrested on the suspicion of a DUI. According to Police Sgt. Corey Wolik, the collision happened on the Pacific Coast Highway. According to the news release from Newport Beach Police Department, the accident near Morning Canyon Road was reported to the authorities before nine:thirty in the evening.

The man that died has been identified as eighty-one year old, Edward Salkin.

According to the news release, Edward had suffered from major injures. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by the paramedics.

Edward was once a teacher, teaching pediatric dentistry at the University of Southern California. He also had a dentistry practice in the Huntington Beach. He was also featured in the Daily 49er in 2012.

In the Daily 49er Article Edward was Described as

a lifelong student who planned to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology in 2016.

Anyone with any kind of information about the crash is asked to call the Police Department at  949-644-3746.

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